Formula XD
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United Kingdom’s Theme

9th August, 2015

Cleaning up and exporting HD car graphics has been taking up all my time so there hasn’t been much diversity of news about the game development process. But I know what will make up for that – another music track!

This track is to be played for Silverspoon Raceway and any other UK-based circuit. I played with the juxtaposition of tradition and modernity, a theme which springs to mind when I think of my country and its culture(s), both at this point in time and in recent decades.

In order to do this, I picked a few traditional instruments from the British isles, such as the medieval recorder, Irish harp, and English horn – and a few modern instruments, such as a drumkit with a British Invasion backbeat, a guitar tuned for 70s-era British rock music, and an up-to-date electronic bass.

I let the modern instruments provide the driving force and optimism of the piece, while the traditional instruments provide an altogether more conservative and even slightly mournful tone. But both sides, united with that timeless instrument the piano, work together to build a more effective composition than either would accomplish apart.

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