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Settings menu, key binding, housework, and something

21st January, 2017

It feels like January’s been going forever, and I can’t wait for February to turn up. What I set out to do this month – the remaining menus – is largely done.

The biggest challenge for the settings menu was coming up with a key rebinding system. I won’t bore you with the specifics; in general terms, it’s about replacing a simple single-key event (or listener, to you Java folks) for each game action with something that listens for any key and compares it to the key ID stored in a global key bind array, which can be edited in the settings menu.

Settings for Gameplay

The only real complication was the odd way in which the game engine handles modifier keys. It’s very particular about whether it’s detecting a left-shift, a right-shift or a general shift key press.

This was a problem because not only did I need the player to be able to set their chosen modifier key, but that modifier key had the important task of determining whether key commands would be sent to driver 1 or driver 2.

I ended up devising a rather inelegant system to work around the game engine’s oddities, which isn’t great, but works, and it’s better than spending the weekend trying to figure out how to do it properly.

The time I was trying to work all that stuff out did provide me with a convenient excuse to muck about on my iPod trying to sketch out the basis of a title theme for the game. Here’s what I came up with on Friday afternoon:

Not very polished, but there’s the basis of an idea there anyway.

Not-work-news: so far, Mum has been in Thailand for a week, the bin’s bin out and back without mishap, I’ve made a few different dinners and lived to tell, the house is no messier than it was before, and the cats seem happy enough. So that’s all good.

Come on, February….

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