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Pyingyang GP and Sheik Yerbouti Raceway

11th February, 2017

‘Sup, dudes. It’s been a bit of a funny week. Lots to do, not as much time to work as I’d like, would have liked to get more done. Tough cookies, but I did finish off the North Korean Grand Prix and Jihadistan’s Sheik Yerbouti Raceway.

I’m kind of breaking a couple of ‘rules’ here. Until now, Formula XD’s circuits have all spoofed real ones, and North Korea is a stark exception. It just seemed like a funny idea and I came up with a really nice bit of music for it, so… why not?

Also, until now, each race has been set in a non-fictional country, but I’m setting Middle-Eastern races in a little place called Jihadistan, and absolutely taking the biscuit out of all the totalitarian pseudo-theocratic anti-human nonsense¬†which most nation states¬†in the region produce so well. I didn’t want to pick out any one specific country when so many of them are equally deserving.

Sheik Yerbouti Raceway

If you would like me not to make fun of totalitarian pseudo-theocratic anti-human nonsense, please drop me a line or send a parcel-bomb, whichever is more convenient. :)

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