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Raul Picard and Brand Match

26th February, 2017

It’s late! A day late! Fool that I am, I forgot to write this post on Saturday as usual. Sorry lads, lasses. Right, OK, let’s see, what is there? Yes, it’s a couple of new racing circuits I put together over the last week.

First is the Raul Picard circuit. Bright and garish and sponsored by the Utini drinks company, le circuit Raul Picard is adorned entirely in tarmac. However, outside the circuit proper, the tarmac is tastefully infused with hard metal elements, shredding the tyres of any driver audacious and dishonest enough to cut a few seconds off his lap time by taking ridiculous shortcuts.

Brand Match

Rather more mundane is the Brand Match circuit, pictured above. Built around a Fresco supermarket and next to a farm, the race track was not so much created out of a passion for speed, as it was out of an enthusiasm to remind the television-viewing public which side their local supermarket’s own-brand bread is buttered on.

On Friday, I also started work on a circuit in the USA called Watford Glade. It’s not ready to show, but I promise it will be rather pleasant, with quite a lot of trees and things.

Oh, one last thing. Have a fun Shrove Tuesday!

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