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Hockenham & Watford Glade

4th March, 2017

In February I set out to make as many circuits as I could to bring the total up from 14 to 30. Well, I managed 24 in that time, but it’s not too bad. The remaining 6 I’ll do some other time.

Hockenham (above) is the second German circuit. It’s incredibly long and terribly fast, rewarding teams with higher speed stats. Combined with Germany’s bonus for pit crew speed, this is definitely a location where it’s absolutely vital to pit on the right lap.

Watford Glade (below), set in the middle of a rather lovely national park, is a rather more typical circuit, with a healthy blend of straights with medium and high speed corners.

Watford Glade


I finished both of those circuits by Wednesday evening, and so I’ve had time since then to begin plugging them all into the game itself. So far, so good, although I did at first mistakenly lay out Estorno the wrong way round (oh the irony). Next week, I’ll spend some time stress-testing them all – won’t that be fun. (‘¬’)

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