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Multi-resolution support almost done!

26th March, 2017

Sorry this one’s a day late, I was working yesterday and doing the week’s journal entry completely skipped my mind. Working on what? Getting support for multiple resolutions finished.

There’s not much to tell. The previous week, I got most of the menus working at all resolutions supported in the game, and this week, there was the race screen, the post-race screens, and the mid-season info screens.

On Monday I succeeded in making the circuit view panel retain the correct aspect ratio and keep the whole circuit in view regardless of the panel’s width and height.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on getting all the other panels to display optimally at all resolutions, and then ran into a couple of annoying bugs in the car testing system which took a while to fix. At the same time, I wrote in a bit of code to prevent two versions of the same part from being tested in the same session. When that happens, the benefits are cumulative, which makes absolutely no sense when one is supposed to replace the other.

On Thursday I got that figured out and got onto doing the post-race stuff. Previously those screens had been a bit of a mess, aesthetically, but by giving the result listings alternating stripes and making sure that margins and gutters were reasonably consistent, the whole appearance of the interface cleaned up nicely.

So I wrapped that up on Friday, and also made sure all the mid-season info screens were up to scratch at that time.

Post-championship stuff is still not done, I ran into a few bugs there which I suspect is to do with variables not going through my save/load functions. I ran out of time to fix those, so they’ll have to wait until Monday.

Speaking of which, I’m not entirely sure what’s next to do on Monday. Either I’ll be working on improving the car evolution effects, which currently are lacklustre placeholders, or I’ll be adding some more stuff into the settings so that users can enable or disable the tutorial when starting a new career.

I also have a bit of an idea for a new game mechanic to spice up the mid-season gameplay a bit, but as it’s getting quite late in development, I’ll be thinking very carefully about whether it’s going to be worth implementing or not.

OK, got to go now. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone in the UK!

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