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Multi-resolution support – menus

18th March, 2017

I must confess that it has been a slightly boring week. Last time, there was a lot of new content to plug in, along with a number of new features and improvements to develop, and a good deal of checking for bugs. But this week it’s almost entirely been a case of fiddling with numbers to make boxes align properly. So not terribly interesting, on the whole.

However, the result of all that fiddling about is that all my interactive menu screens are functioning correctly at every resolution that Formula XD supports. There are fifteen of those, including some slightly less common ones like 1280 x 960; so if by some chance you happen to have a 1280 x 960 screen, it is indeed possible to run the game at full resolution. But to be honest the game looks much nicer with a longer aspect ratio, so it may be advisable to just run at 1280 x 800 instead. I’m rambling. Sorry.

I did also take the opportunity to update the stat bars a bit. Now, when you’re browsing through potential contracts, it’s a lot easier to see whether the new candidate’s performance will surpass your current option, because a downgrade will be highlighted in dark red, and an upgrade will be highlighted in bright green.

Also, I renamed driver statistic “temper” to “aggro”, because, although I’m not very keen on abbreviations, it’s a lot clearer what is meant by “aggro” than by “temper”. After all, what does a high “temper” value mean, to the casual observer? High in temperament, or possessed of a good temper? With “aggro”, on the other hand, it’s pretty obvious. The higher the value, the meaner and pushier the driver, and less stable he is. Bingo.

And that’s all there is. A trifle dull, perhaps, but without doing the dull stuff, you can’t make a game.

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