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A few words from the President of Nitroglycerin Ltd.

22nd April, 2017

Hi, gang! Just a couple of little updates this week. Firstly, I finished adding alternative lines to radio messages, post-race feedback, newspapers, etc. It took quite a long time and was rather tedious, but I think now there’s enough variation to keep things fresh for a while. But that’s not all I’ve been up to.

For a small handful of reasons, I’ve become aware that there’s really no way around having to start a limited liability company to deal with the business side of the Formula XD project. I’ve been putting that off until as late as possible, but now that the game’s release is looking close, I couldn’t keep ignoring it. Unfortunately I’m no good at thinking up names for things, not ones which haven’t been taken already, and you sort of need a name if you’re going to form a company.

Anyway, I came up with “Nitroglycerin”, which, strangely, hadn’t been taken. What the heck, I thought, and went with it.

So there you go. Formula XD, a game made entirely by me, will now be the responsibility of Nitroglycerin Ltd. Also I made a cool logo:

Nitroglycerin Logo

Please stay tuned for another exciting update some time in the next few days!


Nicholas Heathfield
President of Nitroglycerin Ltd.

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