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Holy bugfix, Batman! Milestone 86

1st April, 2017

Last week, I finished implementing the game’s multi-resolution support, and it was my ambition this week to get everything working well enough to demonstrate to publishers.

So what did I do on Monday… er… let’s see… oh. Yes. On Monday, I polished up the car evolution. Its placeholder was a source of embarrassment, so I couldn’t possibly go to publishers without changing it. I put together a smashing sound effect, created a couple of cute little star sprites, and meticulously timed the sequencing to make car evolution feel as good as it should. Before, it was just, “bleh”, but now it’s all “bbbwwwwwweeeeiiiiiIIII – THMMMmmmnnnneeowwww!” with some sparklesparklesparkle thrown in for good measure.

And, of course, when I started looking for them, all sorts of bugs that had gone hitherto unnoticed started springing out of the woodwork. Most of them to do with that team-switching idea which, I swear, if I’d known back when I started how much trouble that feature would give me, I’d never have started. It’s all fixed now, though. Not as perfectly as I’d like, but good enough for rock n’ roll.

I was a bit stressed out after a couple of days of trying to find and eliminate all the bugs that did crop up. Fortunately, however, I was able to persuade a beautiful and charming young lady to try out the game while I took a much needed half-day break. Put it like this: I was too worn out to play the next race in F1 2012. It was that bad, people.

On Friday, after fixing some more bugs that the tutorial had developed, I observed that my immediate to-do lists had become virtually empty.

In fact, in my Plan for March, everything I set out to do has just about been completed in the nick of time, and a little more than that.

So I set about organising a plan for what yet remains to be done, as well as drafting up some improvements for the content of my website. The list is quite short still, although two or three of the items will take quite a lot of work, and I’m not altogether sure what I’ll be working on first. I’ve been in the code an awful lot lately, it would be great to work on something else. That’s all there is for now.

Also there’s a pink and purple spider with forty thousand legs climbing up your back…


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