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In the merry, merry month of May

1st May, 2017

Waaaahhh, what, April is done and dusted already? OK, so have I accomplished enough stuff? What’s next? Find out in this exciting instalment of stuff Nick writes about.

I didn’t have a solid plan for April. Mostly, I was focussed on getting a presentable build to show off. I was also figuring out how to establish a limited company and getting the work done for that. There was also a Greenlight thing to do.

Now, that’s all out of the way. What to do this month? Looking at the to-do list,

I’ve got to implement scoring so that players can run through a career with an objective measurement of success. Kind of important, right? After that I hope to adjust the gameplay such that stats for drivers, engines and tyres can change over the course of a career. This is an amazing opportunity to build on the promise of a dynamic world which the player can feel a part of.

And then I will likely be in a position to do some more music, increasing the longevity of each track to accommodate longer races. It’s been bugging me for a while that even during a 20 lap race, the music will sometimes be too short.

Here’s some thinking-out-loud:

I want the game to support long races as well as short ones, so I’d like a piece of music to keep ticking along for about 60 laps. Tracks are going to have to be three times as long (9 minutes), which would be ridiculous to try and accomplish with the same attention to detail.

Alternatively the music could loop. The way to do it would be modifying┬áthe beginning and end of a piece so that they have a new section that connects them together. That could be a reasonably long section, perhaps about a minute’s worth, just to add further variety and prevent the transition from sounding too forced. Then copy, paste, find the loop point for each song, and Bob’s your uncle.

That will probably take me up to the end of May or beyond. Let’s see how it goes!

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