Formula XD
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Scoring and season status screens

6th May, 2017

Ehhhh it’s been a weird week with some profound regrets. But, you know, gotta keep blogging. This week I added something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: some useful information for the player directly available in the Home menu.

Quite simply, you can now click on three tabs under the info bar to get a quick overview of the championship standings, and the season calendar, and also the Wall of Fame scoreboard.

The Wall of Fame was also seeming a little bit underwhelming, and so I had this idea that, upon securing a place on the wall, the player could type in a little message to go along with the record, as a little memento of that particular playthrough, or just for a laugh.

Well, that’s all for now. Yeah, I know, there isn’t even a picture this time. It’s been a weird week. I guess I’ll be OK.

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