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Middlistanbul, Immolato, Mt Motorama and Fuchi circuits

3rd July, 2017

Ha ha, I bet you thought I’d been slacking off or something. Actually, I’ve just finished making up the graphics for four new circuits.

Immolato, set in the lovely lovely mountains of Italy, next to a sparkling river, has some… interesting history, but it’s such a fun circuit to drive that it’s back by popular demand.

Then there’s Fuchi, on the coast of Japan. Originally designed for motorcycle racing, it features some very demanding high-speed turns.


We come next to Mount Motorama in the Australian outback. Built, as the name suggests, on the slope of a mountain, it’s a tight circuit that leaves little room for error.

Mount Motorama

Last but not least, the Middlistanbul circuit winds its way over sandy hills. It features a series of complex, technical turns, as well as IEDs buried by some ghastly people who hate infidels driving cars around on “their” turf.


Well, that’s what I’ve been up to in this last week. There’ll be a couple more circuits, I think, bringing the total up to 30, and that will do. I have to say “when” at some point.

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