Formula XD
Game Development Journal


22nd July, 2017

Yesterday I was polishing off the little notifications that pop up to let you know when you’ve completed a challenge or accomplishment. And then I looked at the list of remaining necessary features and realised there weren’t any.

Of course, there’s a lot of little things to add, some sound effects, lots of spit and polish, and there’s more content to add and lots of testing to do.

But the game is now essentially… there.

It’s kind of liberating and scary at the same time. I celebrated with a bit too much ice cream. So much work has gone into the project so far and it’s astounding that things have gone as well as they have, even if it’s taken much longer to produce than I originally believed. And speaking of belief, it’s hard to believe that I’ll be able to actually release this thing in, I dunno, a couple of months. I’ve been working on this for so long, I’ll feel weird when it’s over.

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