Formula XD
Game Development Journal

Pausing, Skipping, and the Xingxiangxiong Grand Prix

28th January, 2017

It’s the last Saturday of January, and boy has it been a hectic, highly unusual month – certainly more than I’d bargained for. Anyway, I still got an awful lot done. This week, I hooked the audio settings into the game successfully, and built a pause menu, and then had enough time left over to make the Xingxiangxiong GP graphics. Continue reading…

M39 might be the last public preview build

5th November, 2015

As Formula XD comes ever closer to feature-completedness, time becomes an ever more precious commodity, and so does the element of surprise. I intend to have all systems fully operational before February, so that there’s plenty of time to add content and to make the game a real challenge as well as a joy to play. But anyway, here’s the build. Continue reading…