Formula XD
Game Development Journal

HD car graphics

2nd August, 2015

For the last two weeks I’ve been working my fingers off to prepare my entire set of ~400 car graphics for HD export. Because it’s taken away all of my spare time… well, 90% of it… for something like fourteen days, it’s only fair that I take up a little of yours with a quick overview of the processes I’ve been using. Continue reading…

Car graphics! Hundreds of them! Here are a few.

26th July, 2015

You can’t have a racing game without cars, and here are some of mine. There’s one basic design for each in-game year, and each of those has a graphic for almost forty sponsor liveries. There are literally hundreds of car graphics that I’ve produced; most of the finished ones are standard definition, and I’m currently optimising for export to HD. Continue reading…

The Hamburgring

26th July, 2015

One of a few circuits I’ve finished drawing. Instead of going for a photorealistic style, which would have cluttered the screen with distracting details, I’ve been going for an idealised style, with some incidental detail but with all the focus on the circuit and garages. Continue reading…