Formula XD
Game Development Journal

Multi-resolution support – menus

18th March, 2017

I must confess that it has been a slightly boring week. Last time, there was a lot of new content to plug in, along with a number of new features and improvements to develop, and a good deal of checking for bugs. But this week it’s almost entirely been a case of fiddling with numbers to make boxes align properly. So not terribly interesting, on the whole. Continue reading…

Pausing, Skipping, and the Xingxiangxiong Grand Prix

28th January, 2017

It’s the last Saturday of January, and boy has it been a hectic, highly unusual month – certainly more than I’d bargained for. Anyway, I still got an awful lot done. This week, I hooked the audio settings into the game successfully, and built a pause menu, and then had enough time left over to make the Xingxiangxiong GP graphics. Continue reading…