Formula XD
Game Development Journal

Spring cleaning


Sorry, chaps, chapettes, I completely forgot to write last week’s entry. I shall write it here and now: “I fixed a lot of bugs.” Now that’s done, I can talk about what’s been improved this week. Continue reading…

Driver Comparison

Multi-resolution support – menus


I must confess that it has been a slightly boring week. Last time, there was a lot of new content to plug in, along with a number of new features and improvements to develop, and a good deal of checking for bugs. But this week it’s almost entirely been a case of fiddling with numbers to make boxes align properly. So not terribly interesting, on the whole. Continue reading…

Ruddy Terrorists

Pitlanes and pit crews and bombs, oh my!


Something that bugs me a little is how easily it is for me to forget what I’ve been working on very quickly, and it’s probably because there’s so much going on that there’s no time to reflect. Except, of course, on weekends, which is why I keep up this journal. So, having wrapped up making a bunch of circuits last month, what have I been up to in the first full week of March? Well, I wasn’t sure myself, so I read my last week’s Twitter posts to remind myself. Here’s what I found out, and boy there’s a lot. Continue reading…